Go HAM Or Go Home Cory Chase, Lexi Luna


When her husband‚Äôs ex-girlfriend needs a place to stay, Cory Chase isn‚Äôt happy ‚Äď especially when his ex is Lexi Luna! Just when this busty MILF starts accepting the situation, she catches Lexi in lingerie trying to fuck her husband! No such luck, Cory isn‚Äôt letting her house guest go without learning a lesson. Lexi knew she was about to get her pussy fucked, but she had no idea it would be by a strap-on wielding Cory! Having a MILF lick out her ass as she rubs herself off isn‚Äôt enough for the lady of the house, she‚Äôll need to straddle Lexi‚Äôs wet clit and suck on her big fake tits before this punishment is over!

Actrices porno del vídeo

  • Cory Chase
    Cory Chase
  • Lexi Luna
    Lexi Luna

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